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Why Zavala?

Apartments Caratan are located in Zavala, small village on the island of Hvar. Escape the tourist crowds, relax, refresh, recharge! Sea viewapartments, quiet neighbourhood, the beach just few steps away, daily boat trip on the beautiful island of Šćedro and homemade olive oil and wine guarantee you an unforgettable vacation.

About Zavala

Zavala is a small village located on the south shore of the island of Hvar. It can be reached through the tunnel from the village of Pitve. In its beauty Zavala has to offer magnificent views, stonehouses in the old section of the settlement, breathtaking view on the island of Šćedro, Korčula and peninsula of Pelješac, neat vineyards,many pebble beaches and crystal clear blue water are just a piece of hidden treasures that this place has to offer. In Zavala’s restaurant you will be able to try delicious local food and the best wines the island may offer so isn’t this a good enough reason to visit us?

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Why Pitve?

If you want to relax bothmind and body, listen to the birds singing looking on the sun kissedvineyards of Pitve village on the island of Hvar away from summer noise and tourist crowds then this place is everything you need. Caratan apartment, located in the middle of vineyard and olive oil fields offer you the silence and vacation you’ve been lookingfor.

About Pitve?

Just 3 km from Jelsa the Pitve village is located. It has preserved centuries old architecture of a typical Dalmatian village with the clean untouched nature that gives an inevitabe charm. You will be amazed by its tightly bound stone houses, narrow streets and small squares.  If you decide to visit the church of St. Jacob you will have the opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary panoramic view. Taking everything into account, do you need more reasons to enjoy this beauty?

Why Jelsa?

Jelsa is a place on the island of Hvar ideal for family vacation. Relax, swim and sunbath all day long on sandy beaches, enjoy local music and dance events, restaurants and bars, take an evening walk along the coastline and watch the sunset… Comfortable sea view Caratan apartment will definitely amaze you.

About Jelsa

Jelsa is a small town situated in a bay on the northern coast of the central part of the island of Hvar. It borders with the two highest peaks on the island: St. Nicolas on the west and Hum on the east. It has a rich tradition in tourism. Tourist season in Jelsa brings you refreshment and pleasure you’ve dreamed of. Major attractions include cultural and entertainment programs, sports and recreational opportunities, gastronomic offer and various excursions. Visit us and find out more about this romantic place.